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Bodywhat helps you track your body stats and reach your fitness goals.
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What does Bodywhat do

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Find Out your Body Fat Percentage

And tons of other metrics about your body.

Find out how sexy you look, what's your body type, to whom celebrities you look like, and even how jacked you look -- all from an objective point of view.

Bodywhat estimates the bodyfat percentage of your body by comparing it to thousands of others kept in a reference set.

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Compare Yourself & Track Your Progress

Wanna find out how you compare against a bodybuilding world champion?

Or maybe you'd like to track your progress and do a before/after comparison?

Bodywhat can do that for you! You can compare any two reports on the website.

Here's for instance Putin vs. Obama.

Muscle Transformation Example
Transform Your Body

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a few extra pounds of muscle? Or if you were a slimmer, or a fatter version of yourself?

Bodywhat has a tool for that, dubbed "Body Morphing".

You should totally try it out

How it works

Bodywhat runs on Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Here is a picture that explains how to create your own report.

Everything Bodywhat does is data driven and resorts to a wide variety of tools ranging from Computer vision to Bayesian Statistics.

Think of Bodywhat as digital mirror that takes in your body and instantly compares it to every other. If you'd like to know precisely how each body metric is computed, check out the FAQ.

A core idea behind the project is the body-image normalization process. By making every body picture comparable to each other, we created a controlled environment where statistical analysis and advanced learning techniques could be applied.

Active appearance models, Neural networks and Cascading classifiers are some of the tools Bodywhat is built upon.